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Accepting Patients for the Treatment of Opioid & Narcotic Dependence.

Parkside Clinic

Methadone and Suboxone treatment options

5600 Spring Park Road, Suite 101
Jacksonville, FL 32216

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jacksonville clinic01Directions: Parkside Clinic is located just east of I-95 and University Blvd. Heading east on University, take the first right turn immediately after the Interstate on-ramp. This is Spring Park Road. Travel south about 100 yards south and pull into the parking on your right. There is an upright address marker on the corner of the parking lot.

Heading west on University Blvd., turn left onto Spring Park Road (just before I-95 on-ramp). Travel south about 100 yards south and pull into the parking on your right. There is an upright address marker on the corner of the parking lot.

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Welcome to Parkside Clinic. The clinic is licensed by the State of Florida to provide opioid substance abuse treatment services. Our mission is to provide top quality outpatient treatment of opioid addiction.

Parkside Clinic works to be the premier provider of such services in its geographic area through consistent application of our policies and procedures, respect for and courtesy toward all patients and staff members, and commitment to achieving positive outcomes for all patients. Staff members utilize their individual training and skills in a collaborative manner with others to deliver excellent care for patients in an efficient and caring manner. Parkside Clinic and all staff members are committed to on-going improvements in the quality of services provided and outcomes achieved.

We coordinate services with several mental health and substance abuse treatment providers in the Jacksonville, FL area, and surrounding communities. It is through cooperative community support services that we are able to provide the most appropriate levels of care and facilitate an individual's personal recovery goal. Our patients come from many backgrounds, and most are gainfully employed.

You do have a choice in your treatment provider. When you come to Parkside Clinic, you can expect the highest level of care and respect. We realize that you are seeking our assistance in recovering from opioid dependency, and we tailor a treatment program to both meet your goals, and comply with all applicable state and federal regulations. You will start treatment by coming to the Center every day for medication.

We also offer Suboxone treatment services.

As you progress in treatment, you will receive take home medications and be required to come to the Center on a less frequent basis. You must participate in regularly scheduled counseling sessions and participate in random urine drug screening as required by state and federal regulations. Treatment services are outlined in an individualized treatment plan, and updated every 90 days. You are an active participant in the development of your treatment plan.

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate your ability to live a drug free lifestyle.